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  • Anônimo
  • Portugal, Casal, 31-40
  • Nômade Novato
Lazy Monkeys, Amsterdã, Holanda
8 Dez 2017

No sign on the door of the building identifying the place. Had to go back and forth under the snow with luggage. No bell either Entrance by a narrow back street with lots of ice. I fell twice Very steep and dark stairs. Had to crouch not to hit the ceiling. Challenging to climb the stairs with luggage while grabbing to the handrail and lighting with phone. Bathroom still had the belongings of the previous user. Not clean. Flushing had no lid Poorly patched holes in the WC door and window

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I found your review unjustified and full of false information. First of all we offered you a 50% discount on your last night stay due to an early check out on the following morning ,and we agreed we you on a 23:00 check in and in person you have said you had a great time. You and your wife were under heavy abuse of substances which was bothering all the the other guests and make walking in December in snowy conditions very difficult too but it�s not the guesthouse fault. The stairs are steep but it�s in our description as well as a guide on HOW TO GET HERE... If you had prioritised your arrival at the guesthouse instead of exploring what this city has to offer OR if you would have read the guide maybe be it would have been much easier found us. The fact that you booked our guesthouse in December in Amsterdam where it snows at times and the roads get icy and it�s dark in the middle of the night is also not our fault. Amsterdam is beautiful when is snows but I guess from state you were in you never got to see it and would have fell at the front of the Hilton too.

    • 2.0Valorize Seu Dinheiro
    • 4.0Segurança
    • 6.0Localização
    • 2.0Instalações
    • 4.0Funcionários
    • 2.0Ambiente
    • 2.0Limpeza
  • Anônimo
  • Portugal, Homem, 25-30
  • Nômade Novato
New York Budget Inn, Nova York, EUA
21 Jun 2014

Very poor soundproofing. Had to sleep all night with AC on so that the fan noise would cancel out the noise made by people talking, shutting doors or using the hallways and stairs. Very small room without window / natural light, felt like I was sleeping on a basement / storeroom.

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Thank you for your review. We apologize for the noise other guests may have caused. Please note that we have many different room types to choose from. Each room in our facility has a window, however you had reserved our most inexpensive room, our Basic Twin Private Room. The room type has a shaft window.

    • 6.0Valorize Seu Dinheiro
    • 4.0Segurança
    • 8.0Localização
    • 2.0Instalações
    • 2.0Funcionários
    • 4.0Ambiente
    • 4.0Limpeza