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Como chegar em Green Mango Inn

365 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Sucat, Para�aque City, Manila, Filipinas

Como chegar


  • 20%Preço por aquilo que é oferecido
  • 40%Segurança
  • 30%Localização
  • 20%Funcionários
  • 20%Ambiente
  • 30%Limpeza
  • 20%Instalações

address---GREEN MANGO INN, # 365 Aguirre Avenue (near El Grande Avenue & about 8 houses from BPI Family Bank), BF Homes, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila
24-hours telephone number (632) 8208730 (open 24 hours)

***Note---suggest you get FREE Metro Manila and Philippine maps at counters in airport just before you get out of airports, but we also provide...

here are my directions to reach Green Mango Inn.....

***BY TAXI...all taxis can bring you all the way into Green Mango Inn 24-hours daily... (take metered taxis, not the more expensive coupon taxis...ask airport staff how you can go to DEPARTURE area where there are usually many ordinary metered taxis from passengers going to airport)...

From the airports, please tell taxi driver you want to go to 'BF HOMES, passing by SUCAT ROAD'... tell him to enter LOPEZ AVENUE in Sucat Road,

in SUCAT ROAD, watch out out for the fourth (4th) 7-11 store (nearby is a BANCO FILIPINO branch) and then turn Right there into LOPEZ AVENUE,

LOPEZ AVENUE connects immediately to EL GRANDE AVENUE, then when you see MERCURY DRUGSTORE on the left, and WOW HAIR SALON on the Right side & a traffic light in front---please turn right into AGUIRRE AVENUE... we are just a few meters down the road on the left side, we are exactly 8 houses away from BPI Family Savings Bank.

Be sure that taxi driver uses his taxi meter, because we are just so near the airports, especially if no rush-hour traffic jams.

***NOTE ON TAXIS FROM AIRPORT: Coupon (pre-paid) taxis colored yellow are available at the airports to bring you to our inn or any other place. Rates are fixed and dependent on the destination and generally are more expensive compared to what you would pay in an ordinary metered taxi. Coupon taxi counters usually are found immediately after exiting customs in our airports. Expect to pay somewhere between US$10 to 15 for destinations within Metro Manila. The usual ordinary metered taxis are generally not allowed at the Arrival Terminal of airports so you would either need to catch an ordinary metered taxi unloading passengers at the DEPARTURE AREA of the airport or outside the airport complex. This may be easier said than done however, particularly when lugging around kilos upon kilos of baggage. But if you don't have lots of luggage, it's best to get ordinary metered taxis for lower fare.

***IF YOU CARRY ONLY BACKPACKS & DO NOT HAVE BIG LUGGAGE, TRY PHILIPPINE JEEPNEYS FOR FUN! BY 'JEEPNEY' PUBLIC TRANSPORT, outside the airport, look for jeepneys going the SUCAT direction, then tell jeepney driver you will go SUCAT ROAD (also called Dr. Santos Avenue) and tell jeepney driver you want to stop at LOPEZ AVENUE and you need pay only P10 to P12 pesos each person, go down when you see the 4th (fourth) 7-11 store (nearby across street is Banco Filipino bank), walk towards LOPEZ AVENUE a few steps to look for a tricycle near Best Choice mini-mart which will cost you fare of only P8 pesos per person (if you don't want to share tricycle with other passengers and want to leave immediately by yourself or 'special', just pay tricycle driver P25 pesos), then tell tricycle driver to bring you to 365 Aguirre Avenue of BF Homes by passing El Grande Avenue, tell tricycle driver that he should turn right when El Grande Avenue already meets intersection with Aguire Avenue...8 houses from BPI Family Bank down the road of Aguirre Avenue on the left side is Green Mango Inn.

***IF COMING FROM CLARK AIRPORT outside Metro Manila...from Clark airport, please ride Philtranco bus going to PASAY CITY bus station of Philtranco, then from there take an ordinary taxi and tell taxi driver to use taxi meter and that you are going to 'BF Homes in SUCAT, PARA�AQUE CITY'... Para�aque is pronounced as 'pa-ra-nya-ke'...tell taxi driver to pass 'SUCAT ROAD' and look for the 4th (fourth) store of 7-11 (also near Banco Filipino Bank) then turn right into LOPEZ AVENUE, then in few minutes it connects to BF HOMES and EL GRANDE AVENUE...

in El Grande Avenue, Please look for traffic light in the corner and also MERCURY DRUGSTORE on left side, ask taxi to TURN RIGHT here into AGUIRRE AVENUE... the Green Mango Inn is on the LEFT SIDE of Aguirre Avenue...

Thank you very much. Best wishes!

Warmest Welcome!

Hi, WARNING---Philippines is friendly place, but DO NOT drink or eat drinks and foods offered by strangers, because there are some bad people of ATIVAN GANG (please google or research internet for news on 'Ativan gang') who put 'ativan' in food or drinks to make tourists go to sleep, then rob or steal from them... Most Filipinos are genuinely kind and friendly, but a few are not good... Beware of strangers, their foods or drinks... otherwise, the Philippines is one of Asia's happiest, most cheerful and friendliest countries... Enjoy life, enjoy Philippine travels!!!